Throughout my academic journey, I have focused on the social and political dynamics embedded within Internet and social media platforms, specifically examining their impact on citizen discourse and action, and the subsequent reactions from institutional stakeholders.

My primary research interests encompass online communities, collective action, and social movements online, as well as investigations into the utilization of social media by political entities and governmental institutions, alongside inquiries into digital inequalities.

In my recent book, “The Murder of Tair Rada and the Roman Zadorov Affair: Establishment, Justice, Citizens, and Social Media,” I delve into the unprecedented social media activity surrounding the murder of Tair Rada in 2006 and Roman Zadorov’s subsequent trial and eventual acquittal. I argue that this case serves as a paradigmatic example of the public’s ability to utilize social media to raise awareness about contentious legal matters, potentially aiding in information gathering, verification, and even making new discoveries. However, I also shed light on the darker aspects of such online engagement, including instances of defamation and harassment directed at individuals suspected of involvement in the case without evidence, leading to the proliferation of damaging rumors and conspiracy theories.

I am a faculty member in Ariel University’s School of Communication, in Israel. The site presents my research projects and publications.




Prof. Azi Lev-On CV

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