Lev-On, Azi. 2015. Uses and gratifications of members of communities of practice. Online Information Review, 39(2), 163-178.

The purpose of this paper is to present findings from a large-scale study which examined the uses and gratifications of communities of practice of the Israeli Ministry of Social Services. Design/methodology/approach: A twofold research methodology was applied: content analysis of 7,248 posts, as well as 71 semi-structured interviews with community members. Findings: Cognitive uses were perceived by community members as the key uses and gratifications from the communities of practice. The implications of these uses and gratifications, such as the de-isolation of isolated workers and personal empowerment, are studied. Originality/value: Contrary to much recent literature, the study presents the communities not mainly as platforms for social relations or emotional support, but rather as exchange platforms where information is transmitted between providers and consumers to the benefit of all community members.


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