Lev-On, Azi, and Rosenberg, Hananel. (2021). Mobile applications in local government: Diffusion, dilemmas and usage practices. Electronic Government, 17(2), 183-198

 The purpose of this multi-method study is to explores municipal apps for communication with residents in Israel. We offer a review of the phenomena of dedicated municipal apps, explore the extent of penetration of municipal applications in an Internet-savvy country, analyze the profiles of adopting and non-adopting municipalities, classify the apps’ common features, and analyze the motivations, challenges and drawbacks of using this communication channel in practice for their development. The findings reveals the way that unique features of mobile technology offer municipalities an opportunity to expand public and personal communications with residents, to send more information with greater speed and efficiency, with greater control over information dissemination. In addition, is shows how mobile applications function can enhance municipalities’ public image on several levels.


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